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Empowering you in family planning. 

Whenever that may be.

Take control of your health with convenience and ease.

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Our Story

The idea for PreOv was conceived one late evening in Sugar House Coffee, over hot tea, cookies, and a shared passion for helping women better understand their bodies without the guesswork and hassle of daily testing. 


PreOv is a female-led company focused on empowering women and couples in all stages of life.

Our Technology

Natural.  Effortless.  Convenient.  Timely.

PreOv helps women and couples achieve their family planning goals.  Our device is the first intravaginal ring to measure changes to the cervical environment. 

PreOv makes identifying the fertile window nearly automatic, and provides you with advanced notice of ovulation. 


Our system allows you to plan ahead, and spend less time on tracking your menstrual cycle alleviating stress and giving you more time for you.

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